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82nd Reunion Photos - page 3

2007 Reunion  - Salem, Mass.

  Salem - famous for  "witchcraft" and the sea!

Sailor captured!

Joe Cohen sings!
                                                  Gallaghers >

 Henry Urban

The Associates

                    The Fuglers

<  The Husteds

The Lerhers

2008 Reunion Pittsford, N. Y.

Our guest-Sgt. Lafrty and Isabelle 

Right above: Doc intruduces Sgt. Lafery >                                           

                  The Gallaghers 

This time we only had 11 old soldiers present!

Below: Highlighting this reunion was a senic trip down the Erie Canal!

Craig and Bonnie Husted

<  Mattinas       Cohens^      Guests chat >

Above: The Struglias     Below:  the meeting

Above:  Eloise  Howard and guests
Center:The Husted boys
Below: Doc presents plaque to Sgt. Lafery

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