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                        82nd Reunion - West Henreitta, N. Y.  June 10-13, 2010
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The Battalion with headquarters!

Mattina, Purisaino, Kenyon, White, Molloy, Lehrer, Bodek-Gallagher, Hinman, Husted

The hospitality room

Card players take a break

Floor mamager, Alan Husted talks with Lloyd kenyon

Ed Husted discusses the Salerno's planned  trip to France

The annual meeting                                                     Right: Late night jam session!

Above:  Beats a chow line!

Left: Todd & Milessa Husted reunion hosts!

Above:That white hair is not Santa's Mattina!
Left: Eloise Howard invited the whole famuly!

3rd generation Gallaghers

Murray checks on the food supply!


Arcade station poster

Steam up  and ready!

All aboard!                                            Right: Hey Pete...think it'll hold together?

Dennis Gallagher wanted to run the engine!

Murray:  309 isn't that our car?

Open air(smoke) lovers!

This railroad has been around a long time!

Most of these young people have never seen a steam locomotive!