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2010 Reunion Photo Page

Our Heros  -   Posted by Todd Husted


The soldiers and scenes from the 2010  82nd Combat Engineers Battalion Assocation Reunion. (may take a few minutes to load)


Congratulations to Mike Gallagher and Megan Gallagher, who have volunteered to co-chair the Associate Committee. 

They represent the third-generation of 82nd Associate members, and have great plans for the 82nd Association. 

Dennis, Jamie and Jack should be very proud.


They volunteered because we told Mike he would have groupies, and Megan, that she would be able to travel to 

exotic destinations.  Please don't blow our cover.

Front Row - Jim Mattina, George PursianoLloyd Kenyon, Wilburt White, Edward 'Doc' Molloy, Murray Lehrer, Carl Bodek

Back Row: Jack Gallagher, Buol Hinman, Ed Husted

Dick White, (center in Red Tie), gave the invocation.

The Gallaghers plotting to take over the world!
Mike (in the back) and Megan (front) will co-chair the Associate's committee.

Salerno - Molloy - White  - Lehrer - all have been banned from RIT forever.

How did the Salerno's Prom picture get in here!

The Mattina Clan - It takes all five members to keep Jim in line.

The great Howard Family - directly responsible for the world population explosion.

Dennis and Al  - Trading for a player to be named later.

Waiting for the guys to stop talking so they can take a picture!

Guys and Dolls!