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Lineage of the 82nd Engineer Combat Battalion (WWII)



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              82nd Engineer Combat Battalion (1942-1945)

             1092nd Engineer Combat Battalion ( post-WWII)

           39th Engineer Combat Battalion

           82nd Engineer Battalion (post-WWII)


82nd Engineer Combat Battalion


1942   Dec.    19  -   82nd Engineer Combat  Regiment authorized by the U.S  Army.
943   Jan.     25  -   Regiment is activated  at Camp Swift Texas.
           March 15  -   Engineer regiments are reorganized into Combat Groups....1st battalion retains 82nd                                                  designation - Second Battalion re-designated as 291st Combat Engineers....Headquarters 

                                  becomes 1115th Engineer Combat Group.                     
          Nov.    23  -    Battalion shipped overseas via Hampton Roads, Va.
           Dec.   14   -   Arrived in Oran, Algiers  North Africa.
1944    Jan.     5   -   Traveled by 40& 8 train  to Casablanca - then by ship to arrive
                                  in England  20 Jan.  Stationed at Frome..

           June  17  -     First 82nd units touchdown on Omaha Beach. ......Normandy campaign begins.
         Aug.    29  -     Crossed the Seine River......Northern France, Belgium and Holland campaign begins.

          Sept.   11 -      Entered Germany near Village of Sherpenseel.....Rhineland campaign begins.
1945  March 29 -     Crossed the Rhine River at Wesel......Central Europe campaign begins.

           May 6 -    Fighting ceases......Battalion ordered to return to France.
           May 8 -    Germany surrenders.
             June  -    82nd declared a high discharge point unit for early return to the
                           States.  Most  men transferred to other units.
1945 Nov. 21  -    Battalion is deactivated at Camp Miles Standish, Mass.




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 1092nd Engineer Combat Battalion   

(post WWII)

1946    July 10  -      The 82nd is  re-designated as the 1092nd Engineer Combat
                                  Battalion and allotted to the W Va. National Guard.

1947   Sept. 16  -      Organized and Federally  recognized with headquarters at
                                  Parkersburg W Va.

 1950    Sept. 1  -      Ordered into Federal service.
 1950-51            -      Overseas to Korea. Participated in the first UN counter-offensive,  

                                 CCF spring offensive,  UN summer-fall offensive,  second  

                                 Korea winter.                             

 1952   Aug. 26  -     Organized and Federally recognized as the 1092nd Engineer
                                 Combat Battalion with headquarters at Parkersburg W Va.

 1952                  -     Participated in the Korea summer-fall and third winter
 1953                   -    Participated in the summer Korea offensive.

1954 March 15   -    Re-designated as the 1092nd Engineer Battalion.
1955 March 18   -    Released from Federal service and reverted to State  control.
                                 Federal recognition was withdrawn


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              Lineage for the present day 82nd Engineer Battalion            

39th Engineer Combat Battalion


1940   July  15  -  Activated into regular Army.

1942  April 25  -  Activated as 1st Battalion 39th Engineer Combat
                             Regiment at Camp Bowie. Overseas to North Africa.

1943  Sept. 15 .-  Deployed to Sicily in July, then on  to Italy.  Received six campaign streamers

1945  Oct.  13  -   Deactivated at Camp Kilmer N. J.



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                               Present Day 82nd                                 

82nd Engineer Battalion

(post WWII)

1947   Jan. 30  -  39th re-designated as 82nd Engineer Battalion.
1955   Jan. 17  -  Reactivated at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.

1961                    Overseas to Bamberg Germany - 7th Eng. Brigade - VII
                            Corps, for the Berlin buildup.

1986   Jan. 16  -  Re-designated as 82nd Engineer Combat Battalion and
                            became  mechanized.

1990   Dec.         Deployed to Southwest Asia, placed in support of the
                            2nd Armored Cavalry and participated in the Iraq
1991   June 15 -  Returned to Germany  and assigned to the 3rd Infantry
                            Division - V Corps.
1992   Feb.      -   Reorganized  as  a Divisional Combat Battalion, 3rd
                            Infantry Division

1996    Feb.     -   3rd Infantry re-flagged to become the 1st Infantry Division.

1997 - March  -  Deployed to Bosnia on  a peace mission with the 1st
                            Infantry Division .


1997 Oct.        -   Redeployed to Bamberg

1999 Dec.       -   Deployed to Kosovo - Redeployed to Bamberg June 2000

2000 Nov.       -   Deployed to  Kosovo - redeployed to Bamberg May 2003

2006 March    -   Battalion is deactivated, in ceremonies, at Bamburg Barracks, Germany


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