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82nd Fighting ISIS!

Attached is a picture of the Croix De Guerre and its certificate.  We are creating a new BN museum to place them in along with the other memorabilia.

I currently have those and a number of wine bottles.  If I am missing
something that you sent please let me know.  Our old museum area was too small to hold all of it so we had to place some into storage.

Currently the 82d is deployed with 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team to Kuwait as a reactionary force.  Iraq has asked the United States to allow them to deal with ISIS and they have done a good job with our support.  We do have people in the fight against ISIS but I cannot talk about their locations or  what they are presently doing.

It's sad to hear there are so few Soldiers left but I am forever grateful for all of your sacrifices.  I plan to have the whole museum display completed by mid-April.  I will make sure to send you photos of the completed work.


Thomas Bauer
82d EN BN, 2 ABCT, 1 ID Rear Detachment


New Maps from the Theatre of Operations - Europe 1944
Courtesy of Randy Huber.

Randy has forwared a bunch of great battlefield maps and items - Many of them are annotated with handwritten descriptions. Among maps is Magdeburg, Germany area where the 82nd recieved the Presidential Unit Award April 12-13, 1945. Notice all the field notes of bridges built, and bivouac areas.

Click Here to view the collection.

Rest in Peace Soldier!

82nd Veteran
Hosea Langeway

Hosea William Langeway, age 95, passed away peacefully on June 13, 2015, in Middlebury, CT.

Hosea was born on Oct. 3, 1919, graduated from Vergennes High School and served with the 82nd Combat Engineers during the European Campaign.

After the war, he attended Vermont Technical College, the School of Agriculture at UVM,  University of Massachusetts and the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, earning multiple degrees in agriculture and horticulture.

He operated the family farm until 1964, then served in the US Postal Service where he retired  in 1983.

Our sincere condolences to his family - 

Rest in peace soldier..... We prevailed.......

Thanks to Randy Huber who is faithfully keeping up on member news!
Rest in Peace Soldier
Ernest Huval, 82nd Combat Engineers

The Huval family from Lafayette, LA, announced the passing of our friend and fellow 82nd  veteran, Earnest 'Sweet' Huval.  on March 11, 2015. Click the link below for the obit and a great picture of his memorbilia from the European campaign.

Peace to you, good friend, and our prayers and condolences to his family.

Huval Pdf (adobe reader required)


Message from Randy Huber
Regarding Membership News

Hi Doc,
 Just was reviewing the remaining living roster of the 82nd ECB and was saddened to discover 4 of your colleagues have recently passed.

-1- Ernest L Huval (Co B) Died March 11, 2015

-2- Walter L Moody (Co C) Died March 23, 2015

-3- Fred M. Harned (Co A) Died April 2, 2015

-4- Wesley O Rumer (Co B, H&S Co) Died April 17, 2015

Also you may have known "Collie" Castiglione from reunions, wife of Biagio (Ben) Castiglione (H&S Co). She passed Feb 2, 2015 after 67 years of marriage.

This recount establishes that there are only 33 original 82nd ECB members remaining.

Best Regards to you and Joann,
Randy Huber

(editor's note: Thanks to Randy for keeping up on the membership news and contributing to the efforts to help the battalion stay informed.)

The Battle for St. Lo
July 18, 1944

The 15,000-man 29th Infantry Division, along with the 650-man 82nd Combat Engineer Batttalion defeated the Germans at the battle of St. Lo, in Normandy. The battle had raged for 10-days. The division commander, General Gerhardt, was killed during this battle, along with 13 members of the 82nd Engineers.
I was reminded of this date by a column in my daily newspaper which lists important past events "on this date" in the past.
I phoned a former 82nd Engineer today, and he well remembered that battle. Including the German airplane which flew over us most nights just before dark, taking photos of our troop locations.   We called him, "bedcheck Charlie".

Major Ed "Doc" Molloy

Major Molloy attends 82nd Recommission Ceremony at Fort Riley........ Major Ed "Doc" Molloy attended the reactivation of the 82nd Engineer Combat Battalion, in Fort Riley, Kansas. Doc spoke before the battalion on the parade ground, prior to the parade in review.

Doc was there by invitation from Major Robert Phillipson who expressed interest in keeping the legacy of all 82nd units active and to make sure the new members understand the history and sacrafice of the European and Southeast Asian campaigns.

Maj Phillipson was excited to learn that we were looking for a good home for the 82nd memoribilia, including the collection of medals the 82nd recieved for the European campaign.......Doc presented the memorbilia to the new 82nd in a ceremony on Oct 16.......

Seventy years ago, at age 18, Doc joined the ranks of the first 82nd Engineer Combat Battalion  Camp Swift, Texas.
140 Photos of  individuals  - Click on the name to view the photo


La Fever





If a picture is worth 10,000 words, we have a story to tell about the size of several dictionaries! We are always
looking for new photos to add to our album!

        The Photo Album

Pearl Harbor  photos

Military/WWII photos

Association's  Reunion Photos

                    Page 1  - (1992-2003)

                    Page 2  - (2004-2006)

                    Page 3  - (2007-2008)

                    Page 4  - (2009 -2010)

Reunion Report for 2010
Host: Todd Husted (associate member)

Present at roll call:
Bill White - Houston,Texas      
Jack Gallagher, Brooklyn,N.Y.
Ed(Doc) Molloy - Melbourne,Fl.
Ed. Husted - Lily Dale,N.Y.
Buol Hinman - Rome,N.Y.    
Lloyd Kenyon - Ovid, N.Y.
Jim Mattina - Derby, N.Y.
Murray Lehrer - Rockaway,N.J.
Carl Bodek - Binghamton,N.Y.
George Pursaino - Fayetteville,N.Y.

Not present: Over 100 old soldiers...and we miss

everyone of you!

We began converging on the RIT INN and Conferance Center, in West Henrietta, N. Y, on Thursday June 10th.  We held our annual meeting Friday Morning. The focus of the meeting quickly turnedto the question of the day.... will this be our last reunion?  Result of the meeting was simply that, as we have matured in years,  we are not able to organize and carry out the the annual meetings.

After that evening our associate members ( family and friends) met to discuss how they could assist in keeping the 82nd Association  going. While little was divulged concerning these discussions, we were informed that we can expect to hear more about their plans at a later date.

The hospitality room was excellent and our banquet,  superb!. Each of our ten vets shared tables with 43 siblings and friends.

On Saturday, we had a comfortable bus trip to Arcade NewYork where we boarded a 1940's vintage steam train, for a two hour nostalgic trip back in time. 

While little was said, we all sensed the sadness at the thought that we have reached the end of the road.....that our reunions may be over.  

We will always carry with us the memories and
the comradeship we shared during the war......and we cherish the 27 annual reunions that gave us the opportunity to renew those old acquaintances and meet many new friends.

There is an air of sadness
air as I write these words!

If our associate members are able to extend our lease on comradery it will be posted here in very bold letters!

Ed. Husted

New info!
  Dick Wells
Received a package of material from Ric Kropat,
a relative of  Dick Wells who was killed in
Belgium on September 9, 1944. Included is a
dutch newspaper story which describes the
battle in which Dick was killed. he also
provided a photo of Cpl. Wells and the War
Dept.telegram  received by his parents.


29infantrydivision.org - 29th Infantry Division

 30th Infantry Division

XIX Corps Website by Arno Laso

150th Engineer Combat Battalion

1115th Engineer Combat Gr

6th Corps Combat

Post WWII 82nd Engineer Battalion

History Channel  Military

 National WWII Memorial, Washington, D.C.

National D-Day Memorial

French Tourism site

Hisrtory channel Veterans History

A great WWII Museum located in Eldred, Pa

7th Armored Division - Recent  communications with Wes Johnston, historian 7th Armored Division, He is pulling together info. on casualties at Overloon for a contact in Holland. Click here for details.  
Inquiry from Dan Wendt -  He wanted info on the 258th E.C.B.- 30th Div.)  (  we had 23 men with  the 258th on the Rhine crossing)
Inquiry from Colonerl Willem Boffin, Belgium Army, seeking information on the liberation of his town - St. Trond, Belgium - September 9, 1944. A Co. was there!

  From family and friends!         

Dear Sir,
 I received the newsletter for the 82nd Combat Engineer Battalion which was addressed to my grandfather, Regis Stegman. I regret to inform you that Regis died due to complications from alzheimers in early Nov. 2007. I received the newsletter because I now live at my grandfather's house. I moved into his house about a year and a half before he died and spent that time visiting him every few weeks in the assisted care facility he was in. That time period was one of the best of my life because of those visits. I got to spend about an hour with him alone, about 2 hours before he died. That was a real blessing to me. A military color guard was present for his funeral and they did a gun salute. I have enclosed a few pictures of that. Also I have enclosed 2 pictures of a flag that was given to me when he died. The flag was removed from a building in France by my grandfather, and his buddies signed their names around the crooked cross.
Michael Goltz

Then the three, as with one mouth, praised and glorified and blessed God in the furnace saying: Blessed art thou, O Lord God of our Fathers: to be praised and exalted above all forever. And blessed is thy glorious and holy name: to be praised and exalted above all forever. Blessed art thou in the temple of thine holy glory: to be praised and glorified above all forever.

The Song of the Three Young Men, Ch. 1, vs. 28-31
(Please see photo on toe info page - here)

Hi Alan,
I am the daughter of Frank Oriole and I just recieved your latest newsletter.  It is with great sorrow that I inform you of the passing of my father.  He died June 15, 2010 surrounded by all  those that loved him.  He was a wonderful man and I was so very close to him.  He lived in NJ near me and I had a chance to spend almost every day with him.  I had the honor and priviledge to care for him in his final years.  I have his wonderful Purple Heart and will treasure that always. 
I wanted to let someone from your battalion know because I did not see his name listed as recently deceased in the newsletter.  I also want to thank the 82nd Combat Engineer Battalion for the wonderful flowers that were for his wake.  George Pursiano, who is my godfather, came to pay his final respects.
I would love to continue to receive the newsletter if possible as it will give me such great peace to see how my father served his country.  You are all heros in my eyes.  Thank you and God Bless.
Karen (Oriole) Brown

NEW - Heard from Lou Egner who now resides at: 3427 Arnel Dr.,Winter Park, Fl 32792-200334
Just a short note to let you know I really enjoyed the last newsletter.
My wife Agnes passed away last year 10-12-10 after a long illness.
I joined the 82nd on the 31 March 1944 as a replacement and was left behind when the 82nd went home. finally getting discharged on 21 Dec. 1945
I retired from the Navy Dept. on 31 May 1985. Moved  to Fla. in 1966 and have been in the nsame home since.
                                                                       Regards                                                                                          Lou
P.S. are you still collecting dues

NEW - We received some old and some  information from Fred Harned, (619 Sechler Rd, Somerset, Pa.15501

>  Somerset County Pennsylvania produced five of our 82nd men and shortly after all were discharged and returned home the local newspaper paid tribute with  photos and the story of their service with the 82nd.

> More current, February 16, 2011 to be exact, Fred, along with many other former soldiers, received The French "LA Leigon d'Honneur" at the French embassy in Washington.This honor was presented as a token of appreciation by the French Government for the sacrifices made by American soldiers in the liberation of France.  In receiving this award  Fred was representing all of the men who fought with the 82nd Engineer Combat Battalion. Congratulations Fred and thank you!

All of the information submitted by Fred is posted on the information page.   Click here to view

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