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Page 2 - Military / WW11 Photos

Landing in North  Africa - November 1942

Prime Minister and Ike at SHAEF in England

Ike meets with the airborne before the mission

Troops prepare to board invasion ships June 4, 1944

Photo shows beach obstacles at Omaha

Barrage balloons to ward off enemy planes

Vehicles off load into the water

Deep water was also an enemy

Digging in on the beach

Another enemy was the everlasting mud!

Point du Hoc at Omaha - Craters still there

Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill at Teheran November 1943 - this meeting set the D-Day timetable

German bunker in the Seigfried line

Footbridge on the Meuse River

Sherman tank sets up a roadblock

82nd crew in Normandy

Training in England

Churchill inspects U.S. troops

Meeting the Soviets at the Elbe  April 29, 1945

British on Gold Beach June6, 1944

Ike remembers  at Omaha - 1951

Church service aboard invasion ship - There are no Atheists here!

The German Army in Normandy was virtually destroyed at Argantan-Faliase in August 1944

Normandy temporary cemetery - workers are pow's
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