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Page 3 - Military / WW11 Photos


Pearl Harbor before the attack

Left: Bradley  -Eisenhower - Patton confer in Germany

One of the many scenes of destruction in St.Lo France

French General de Gaulle leads the celebration in Paris August 28, 1944

The WW11 museum in Eldred, Pa.

The Overlord planning staff

An LCI at Omaha  - troops hunker down

Preparing the bridge site
President Roosevelt address the congress after Pearl Harbor

U.S. troops land in Africa  November 1942

Above: Mal  Goodale's jeep.
             Below:  Lt's  White and Malesky

Crossing the Seigfried line in Germany

    Under fire in Germany

American and Soviet troops meet at the Elbe

Eisenhower(center) and his generals

Tank sets up a roadblock

Ed. Salerno on the left

Frank Ruppert arrives  home after being wounded

                         Right:  Ed. Husted  at Epernay  July 1945

B Co. 1st Squad, 1st Platoon
F  -  Husted-Baily-Hawley-Crapps-Falco
R  -  Deckman-Hunter-Kops-Di Cicco-

Bill Preston

From a French publication- 82nd vehicles/Meulan bridge

Frank Ruppert

Ed. Salerno

Alolph inspects his SS troops

German troops marching in their better days!

German troops marching as prisoners...not one of their better days!

          Benito and Adolph - They started it all!
Left: Field Marshall Rommel and his Afrika Korps staff

German position at Bastogne!
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